IBUTAMOREN MK677 60 Tabs [12.5mg/tab] PS Nutrition

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Various athletes use Ibutamoren to increase muscle volume and strength, improve endurance and performance and reduce fat. The drug is commonly used by professional bodybuilders and amateurs in the field of body improvement. The main advantage of using Ibutamoren is that it does not change the functioning of the body, does not replace the natural hormone with a synthetic one, but accelerates the production of natural growth hormone, which has many beneficial effects. Somatotropin is characterized by a strong anabolic effect and stimulated lipolysis.
The positive properties of PS Nutrition Ibutamoren include its ability to:
• stimulate the production of natural somatotropin;
• stimulate the production of insulin-like growth factor 1;
• build up lean muscle mass;
• improve strength performance;
• improve bone tissue strength;
• improve endurance;
• stimulate fat burning;
• stimulate metabolism;
• improve protective functions of the body, strengthen immune system;
• improve sleep;
• accelerate healing processes;
• restore injured ligaments and tendons;
• increase overall vitality.

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